Monday, 25 November 2013

How time Flies....

Marshall and Zelda ( especially Zelda) have grown so much over the last few months. I didnt notice so much as I see them everyday but looking back at pictures its awesome to see the difference in how they have grown up. 

Zelda is a big 11months and 2weeks old now... almost 1 year! Given her small start in life part of me is a little surprised she has made it this far and turned into a stunning little lady! She is still short legged ( i do tell people she has t-rex arms) and is very petit in stature compared to her peers, but her personality is the size of an elephant! She is full of tortie-tude and EVERYTHING has to be done on her terms! 

here she is the day she came home at 13 weeks and how she looks now! 

as you can see she has gotten very light and very ginger! her mane is huge and her muzzle makes marhsall look like hes chewing a sour sweet! she also has the meanest face known to man!

Marshall has just gotten bigger and bigger and his eyes have changed from amber to pale green ( my biggest wish was to have green eyed kitties) his lynx tips are uber long and his markings are really nice. 

Marshall also had his 2nd Adult show on the 2nd of November. I was very surprised but he got his 1st place in his open class getting his premier certificate ( his 2nd) but the poor boy was so miserable all day I felt awful for showing him and have decided that I wont put him into anymore shows in the future as its just not fair on him. 

Both get on like proper brother and sister... one minute its cuddles next they are wrestling on the floor!
I wouldnt change them for the world!


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