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I created this blog to document the quirks and adventures of my two Maine Coons, Mr Marshall Bravestarr and Miss Zelda.

Mr Marshall Bravestarr is a young Maine Coon boy bred by the lovely people of Anamcaramaine in Northern Ireland. He is my first cat and really opened my eyes to this fluffy world..... As I am a self confessed "dog person" and not a "cat person".

Marshall or marshmallow as he is lovingly know at home is a classic tabby Maine Coon and a big softy! Dispite his size and mean looks, he is a complete wuss who regularly freaks himself out! He's a lazy boy who loves nothing more than a big baby cuddle (he's a total mummy's boy) but try and give him belly rubs and you will know all about it! He is VERY talkative and will have somthing to say about everything!

Zelda is my second Maine Coon, also bred by Anamcaramaine.  she's just over a year younger than Marshall with a totally different personality. Both share the same father. Zelda is a tortie and most definitely has "tortie-tude"! She is also a very special little lady. I say little because she doesn't really grow! Compared to other Maine coons and other cats even, she is a teeny tiny petite bundle of fluff, at 13 weeks old she still looked like she was only 8 weeks old, and her legs are a bit short! Like I said she's special and her size really doesn't affect her at all... infact she's the boss!! Zelda definitely has "little man syndrome". I'm also convinced she has ADHD, but that's a post all of its own! Zelda doesn't talk much, but her purr certainly makes up for that, she's a motor and a half!

That leaves me! I'm a late 20s girl full of my own quirks and adventures. My big passions are photography and teaching. Currently living in Northern Ireland, I originally hail from Germany and I briefly lived in England while studying to be a teacher. The mix of cultures and countries has left me with quite a strange accent!

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