Zelda is a Maine Coon girl born 10th December 2012. Zelda is a Tortie classic tabby girl who comes with a whole load of "tortie-tude".

Everything is on her terms and if things are not going her way or she doesn't want to do something she will let you know!

Zelda is a special little girl, she came from a small litter and was hand reared being a weak kitten. This didn't stop her, she was the first to open her eyes and first to start walking! Zelda is VERY small for her age and Breed, she almost has a munchkin cat appearance, her legs are just a bit short compared to her peers. None of this stops her from doing what she wants or getting to where she wants to be. Despite her size her personality more than makes up for it, although I'm convinced she's ADHD. She has big mood swings, especially when it comes to big brother Marshall!

Zelda's favourite things include food, toy mice, food, anything that she is not allowed, food, rugby tackling Marshall to get to food oh and did I mention food! For all the size of her she eats like a horse, I've no idea where she puts it!

Nothing phases this kitty, she's very bold and inquisitive, apart from when the hoover comes out, you wont be able to find her then!

the first photo of Zelda ( then named Flash dance) from the breeders 

Zelda at 9 Weeks old when we picked her

First day home at 13 weeks

My little lady now at 7 months old

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