Marshall Bravestarr

Marshall Bravestarr is a Classic Tabby Maine Coon boy born 13th January 2012. Aptly named he's already a star having appeared on the BBC drama "The Fall" staring Gillian Anderson!

Marshall, or Marshmallow as he is most frequently known, is a big softy and a complete mummy's boy! Anything scares and he runs straight to me!

Anamcaramaine Bravestarr, as he is known on the show circuit has been presented at a couple of Northern Ireland Cat shows and has done very well, winning his first premier title last year as an adult!

Marshall is a laid back kind of guy who plays lazy and cuddles like a baby, unless you are fooled by his "rub my belly" pose then you are in for a serious bunny kicking session.

Marshalls favourite things include talking, bottle tops, socks, ham, the laser pen, chirping at them darn birds, playing fetch and most of all getting cuddles.

Marshall 9 weeks old, my first visit to see him

Fav toy, fav game

20 weeks old

getting big

the cuddliest boy ever!

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