Friday, 9 August 2013

Marshall and zelda update

Marshall and zelda both had their visits to the vet, good news all round Marshall's heart is 100% normal and Zelda's post op check up shows that everything is healing well, just the muscle is a little swollen in the area but will go down eventually! So relieved and happy that both are doing well and we have no major concerns!

Unfortunately this post also comes with sad news as I found out that zeldas mum, Kendra, sadly passed away yesterday. It was out of the blue and a shock to all of us. Kendra was a beautiful silver tortie with the most amazing temperament and she will be greatly missed.

I also had a mini cat adventure today! I am on the committee for the Ulster Siamese and all Breed Cat Club, our next show is on the 2nd of November, so today we went to the new venue to take some photos for publicity and to present a cheque to the children's hospice. Shadow my breeders Maine coon came along to and the public were just amazed by him, he also totally loved the attention! 

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